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" I am currently working as a sport specific trainer at the White Oaks Human Performance Center. I am specific to Baseball Pitchers, track and field and am working with the Jr. Tennis and Squash programs running sport specific footwork, agility, mobility, stability and strength classes.

My background as an athlete began by winning the Canadian and United States National Championships as a High Jumper. At the U.S. National Championship I jumped 7"2 and still hold one of the top 10 marks in United States History for inter scholastic athletes( 18 and under). I then chose to accept a full scholarship from The University Of Georgia where I studied Exercise Science and competed in track and field, winning the Letterman Award as a freshman for both athletic and academic success. During the summer I stayed in Georgia to train for baseball and attempt to be drafted. I worked with the coaches at Georgia to develop my mechanics and wound up with a 90mph fastball and the advice to enter the 2002 major league draft. Upon transferring to Central Arizona College and helping my team to a National Championship at the College World Series in 2002 I was selected by the Chicago White Sox in the 2002 Major League Draft. I decided to sign and pursue baseball as my professional career. I played in the Minor Leagues for 8 seasons and was promoted as high as AA. I have dedicated my life to helping kids that are interested in becoming better athletes which is why I love my role as a Sport Specific Performance Coach! I enjoy working with kids and seeing the look in their eyes when they understand and apply what I am teaching them.