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Jordana Parliament

I started skiing when I was 3 years old and since then have developed a huge passion for slopestyle skiing. I love it because you can express yourself in the way you dress and your style on the slope. In the summer I train on the water ramps, to learn a new trick you start on the white top Olympic grade trampolines. Then onto the ramps, you have to do the trick 100 times to qualify it, if the trick is an invert (some sort of flip). You are not permitted to invert if you do not have a license, that’s for safety. After that has been done you can do the invert trick on the slopes.  You can only learn 2 tricks a season on the ramps because you don’t want to over train your brain with too many maneuvers.

My achievements over the past few years are a 1st place finish in the U.S. East coast championships in aerials and 2nd place in Slopestyle. I also received the first ever Free rider of the year award from the freestyle team at Holiday Valley. I was identified by the aerialist and Slopestyle coach in the Lake Placid NYSEF program and asked to apply to their live-in winter academy. Slopestyle is a sport not many people know about and one of my goals is to get it out into the world. My other goal is to try my hardest even when times get tough and to never give up. Slopestyle is an amazing sport and my passion.