Isabella Bradford

Isabella Bradford is a 18-year-old student athlete, born in Niagara Falls, Ontario. She is a first year Brock University student in the Concurrent Education program. She also participates on the Brock Badgers Dance Pak Varsity Team. Isabella has danced ever since she was three years old. She was enrolled at Laurie Ewart’s Danceworks for a total of 14 years and successfully graduated in 2023.

Isabella has won multiple special awards and overalls in her dance career, always pushing herself to become the greatest version of herself. She has won 1st overall solo at Dance Canada Competition, 4th overall at Kick It Up Dance Competition, and 5th overall at Shine Dance Competition. On the Brock Badgers Dance Pak, she travelled to 4 dance competitions with the team, and performed in their annual showcase. Isabella also participated in the Brock Men’s and Women’s basketball halftime shows for causes such as Breast Cancer Research, and Black History Month. She hopes to continue her dance career throughout university and enjoys sharing her knowledge with younger students in the community.

Isabella has visited Niagara Orthopaedic Institute many times throughout her dance career, where she was provided with exceptional care and support. Over the past year, she has suffered from back pain caused by repetitive strain. With the extensive knowledge of Taskeen Karim, Isabella managed to heal and return to dance stronger than ever. She is very grateful and honoured to be chosen for the Robert Dionne Athlete of the Month award.