Jaela Carter

Jaela is a 14 year old athlete born on April 24,2007. She currently attends Saint Michael Catholic High School, in Niagara Falls and is in the 9th grade. Jaela would like to thank Niagara Orthopaedic Institute for selecting her to be recognized as the Robert Dionne Feature Athlete. It’s an honour to be recognized along with many other accomplished local athletes. 

Jaela’s love for sports began at a very young age. She has played sports since the age of 3. Jaela enjoys hockey and soccer, but hockey is her true passion. She started skating at the age of 3 and she played her first year of house league hockey at 4. She played house league hockey til 7. At 7 she tried out for the Niagara Falls Flyers tyke select AA boys team as a defence and made it. Jaela has been playing defence ever since. As a flyer Jaela’s team dominated the league for years winning the OMHAs and winning the silver stick the same year. Then her team  placed second in the OMHAs the following year and won many tournaments throughout the years. She played for the Flyers being the only girl on the team until she was 12 which was minor peewee. For major peewee Jaela tried out for the Southern Tier Admirals AAA boys team and made it. She also was the only girl on the team but she loved playing against the boys because it pushed her to work hard and be better and stronger no matter who she went up against. In her first year of AAA her team came 1st in their league and were moving onto the OMHAs until everything got shut down because of covid. Jaela played for them for 2 years until moving to girls hockey this year. She now plays AA girls hockey for the U15 Stoney Creek Sabres and is going to be playing U18 AA for the upcoming 2022/23 season. 

Jaela also succeeds highly in soccer. She played house league soccer at 3 and played her first year of travel at 6 but she played for a year older team for the Niagara Falls Titans. Her teams came first in the league for 3 years straight. At 12 she switched over to Niagara Falls United. She played there for 2 years until moving on and trying out for the Niagara Regional Soccer team and making it. This summer will be her third year on the team.

Last December Jaela had a hard fall during soccer and tore her ACL, that January she had surgery and started her road to recovery. Despite knowing that the rehabilitation process would be gruelling, Jaela tackled it head on with determination to get back to 100% and get back the sport she loves. She applied the same drive and work ethic that she shows on the field to her recovery and worked hard everyday to get her knee stronger. She finally reached her 1 year mark from surgery this year and can finally return back to hockey games. She would like to thank Generations sports physio therapy for getting her through her recovery after surgery and giving her the best care. She is grateful to everyone at NOI that has helped her with her recovery and strength training. Her drive and work ethic to work hard on the ice, on the soccer field or in the gym makes her a good teammate and an impressive athlete. Her coaches have always noted that Jaela performs with full effort whenever she is practicing or playing and is very respectful towards her coaches and teammates. Jaela is honoured to be the recipient of this award and will continue to work towards her goals both on and off the ice and field.