Myah Smith

Myah Smith is a 15 year old dancer. She currently attends A.N Myer high school in Niagara Falls. She started dancing at the age of 4 with the ballet and tap toddler class. She stood out in that class which led to her first offer onto the competitive team. She worked hard to improve her technique and be the best she could be. She learnt new skills and even started jazz. A couple years later she started hip hop. Her love for that style grew more and more over the years.

Myah created a family. She was at the studio almost every night with her dance family, in her second home. She was now working with many different styles such as lyrical, contemporary, ballet, Hip hop, jazz , tap and ballet. As she trained more and more she could see a huge improvement in her strength, technique and flexibility. Which led to her first Hip Hop solo in 2018.

The summer of 2019 Myah auditioned for World performers Canada and was accepted onto the tap 2020 team. She was supposed to compete 3 tap dances in Rome in 2020, however Unfortunately she couldn’t due to COVID.

That same year Myah started a new journey with a new studio. She made a new family and improved her technique. She improved her strength a lot which showed through the power in her jumps. She was able to equal out her flexibility and after a lot of training she improved it a lot.

After starting training with Niagara Orthopedic Institute she was able to learn more about her muscles and found ways to strengthen them to keep her safe in all sports. She has focused on knee strength after she had knee pains and has seen an improvement.