Sarah Saldutto

Sarah is currently a student at Brock University and competed with their Varsity Track and Field team this past school year. She began her track and field journey at 11 years old after having played baseball for the majority of her life. After starting track, she quickly realized that she could have a future in the sport so decided to walk away from her baseball career.

The years to follow were filled with hard work and success as she was able to make it to OFSAA and medal in both long jump and hurdles in her grade 9 and 10 high school years. In her grade 10 year she set the OFSAA record in long jump with a jump that would open doors to D1 full ride scholarships to the United States. With high hopes for her future she continued to work hard and stay focused until she was met with a Navicular stress fracture on her jumping leg during her grade 11 high school season. Although this became a very disappointing setback, she took the time off and came back to compete at nationals that same year. Sadly, at that national meet in Brandon, Manitoba, around 6 years ago, she sustained an injury that changed the trajectory of her life. On her second jump of the competition she landed in the pit only to find the bottom half of her leg facing in the wrong direction. She later found out she had fully dislocated her knee, something that usually only happens in high speed car accidents.

This injury resulted in the tearing of her ACL, MCL in two places, Meniscus, partial tears in her LCL and PCL, a high grade PLC injury, a Tibial Plateau depression fracture and most likely substantial damage to her hamstring. All dreams of a scholarship quickly fled from her mind as she knew this was not going to be an easy journey back. In the many years to follow she struggled through rehab and what was certainly the hardest mental battle she has ever faced.

Although experiencing tremendous ups and downs throughout her journey and being told there was only a 40% chance that she could return to sport at her previous level, she was able to finally compete this past indoor season with Brock University. She finished the season by setting multiple school records, medaling at OUA championships in long jump and attending USports championships in both the 60m hurdles and long jump.

Sarah feels that the hard work and dedication she has demonstrated throughout this process has allowed her to get to where she is today and also recognizes that the same hard work and dedication shown by her current physiotherapist Kirsten has been a game changing factor in her journey back to sport.