Sports Medicine


At NOI Hamilton, we are a team of Health Care professionals whose ambition is to provide industry leading care to injured athletes. We offer this care to the Hamilton, ON and surrounding areas. We have Orthopaedic surgeons and Sports Medicine Doctors who are leaders in their field, who all provide innovative, individualised care specific to your injury.

Services We Offer


Sports Medicine Consultations


Orthopaedic Consultations


Custom Bracing


Injections (can be ultrasound guided when appropriate):

      • PRP
      • Viscosupplementation
      • Cortisone

Conditions Commonly seen at NOI

      • Sport related injuries
      • Muscle Strains
      • Joint sprains
      • Overuse and Chronic injuries
      • Biomechanical assessment
      • Injury assessments including referral for MRI, CT scans, Ultrasound and radiographs
      • Biomechanical gait assessment
      • Injury Rehabilitation
      • Exercise Prescription
      • Strengthening Programs
      • Medico-Legal Reports
      • Musculoskeletal Screenings 
For more information, and for information about referrals and appointments, please call 289-674-4400